20 August 2009

Dying for Decoupage

Above, botanical prints have been applied to an old bureau after it has been painted to give it a whole new look.
Decoupage can transform a piece of furniture by giving it an artistic new look. The art of decoupage involves cutting out images from paper, gluing them onto a surface and then varnishing over them. You may be familiar with glass decoupaged plates in which the design is applied on the underside of the plate so it can be viewed from above.
One of my absolute favourite decoupage artists is John Derian who not only has a store in New York (at 6 East 2nd Street and in Provincetown, MA) but also sells wholesale. You should have seen his booth at the New York Gift Show! http://www.johnderian.com/. His shop sells more than his own decoupage pieces and is a great place to stop in for inspiration.

The Fish Mosaic oval platter is $485.

When I worked at House Beautiful, I once featured this goldfish footed bowl in "The Best" product column. It does cost $2200 but makes an amazing statement piece for an entryway or side table.

I also love these pieces by Hugo Guinness that are carried in the store.

Decoupaging a bureau or a cupboard can turn a humdrum old piece of furniture into a modern masterpiece.

The leafy side table shown above was created using motifs from two different wallpapers. The large leaves came from one and the Arts and Crafts flowers from another.
The cupboard has been decorated in a tropical theme and becomes the main focus of the room.
All images are from Martha Stewart Living and photographs by William Abranowicz.


  1. wow, loads of lovely posts, my favourite decoupage is the side locker - absolutely gorgeous

  2. I am just starting my journey through decoupage world, would like to find something to calm me down (occupational therapy haha), and I thing I will love it. Most of the time I spent writing and reading, need to add something manual to it. I hope you don't mind I will use the photo above in my blog (and I'll write from where I got it) to picture what I would like to start doing. I live in Ireland as well, in Donegal. Would you be so kind to tell me where to buy things for decoupage (glue, paints and so on). I will be grateful for your advice.