21 April 2010

Titanic Exhibit in Dublin

This past Saturday, my daughter and I drove up to Dublin to see the Titanic The Artefact Exhibition being held in the City West Centre. I have to say it was well worth the trip. Obsessed with the Titanic since I was a young child, I find now that my daughter has the same fascination. We all know the story and have heard so many renditions of it and even seen it brought to life on the big screen but this exhibition is incredibly effective in completing the whole story for people. It is a beautiful exhibit - laid out in a simple but effective plan with real artefact's from the ship on display. Large black and white photographs hang on the walls and there is a good bit of reading material on everything from building the ship in Belfast to it's launch, the passengers on board etc. You can opt for the audio tour but I seldom choose that route and I find I like to wander around at my own pace - exploring, re-reading and back tracking if necessary. It was so powerful to see the actual artefact's that had been brought up from the deep and utterly amazing to see what things remained intact after all these years. In one part of the exhibit you watch the actual video footage of the submersible recovering artefact's and then you look down and there they are encased in Plexiglass in front of you. I don't' want to spoil the exhibit for you because I really do feel it is so worthwhile to see in person.
When you enter the exhibit you get your boarding pass and on the back are the details about the passenger (an actual passenger who was on the doomed ship). You know their name, what class they were booked in, if they were travelling with anyone and some details about their life. At the end you look up on a big board to find out if you (they) survived. I know it sounds grim but even for children - it is a great way to understand the size of this tragedy.

Of course, like many attractions like this you can take away a souvenir and we decided we'd get this photo with the captain of the Titanic. Yes, I know a bit silly but fun when you are going with a 9 year old.
The exhibit is on in Dublin until I believe the end of June - it's easy to book tickets and there wasn't a big crowd there on Saturday so we were able to walk through comfortably without feeling rushed or pressured.

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  1. This must have been great. There is one here in the States also which we must try and see.