28 April 2011

"Love Irish Crafts" - Meet Daisybella

Above: Changing station.
Good morning everyone, and what a beautiful morning it is. After I get this up, I'm heading out with my dogs for a brisk morning walk. For my "Love Irish Crafts" feature this week, I bring you the work of David Henderson, who designs and produces his bespoke furniture collection called Daisybella. His wife Eithne told me how the business took shape.
Above: Wardrobe
Turn back the clock to 1996 when their eldest son was born- David created a quirky bedside locker for him. Then in 2001, their daughter Daisy was born and Kian arrived 2 years later. Daisy was the first girl born to the family in 20 years so Eithne told me that she was showered with a plethora of gifts fit for a princess. Out of necessity, David had to build a loft bed to accommodate more storage space!
Word soon spread about David's beautiful work and in 2010 then showcased products at Art in Action in Townley Hall. After a summer fair at Manley House in Rathfarmham, David had a sense of his target customers- first time parents and grandparents- so he got to work on his nursery range.
Two more shows followed last autumn, the Pregnancy and Baby Fair and the Ideal Homes Expo. Since November orders and work has been steady.
With the business growing, David has just sealed a deal to have a workshop on the historic grounds of The Millhouse in Slane, Co. Meath. This will serve as a showroom as well for Daisybella (personally I cannot wait to visit!).
David is strongly influenced by Swedish Gustavian design. All pieces are made from locally sourced wood and he uses Colortrend Paint - which is manufactured in Ireland.
Above: Buttercup Range
Daisybella is based in Navan. You can contact David and Eithne at 046-9077685 or at info@daisybella.com or of course, through their website or find them on Facebook.

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